Compared to Today

Let's look at the systems side-by-side. You make up your mind. If you'd like to know where the numbers are coming from, you can always dig deeper. More comparisons are made in the Financing and Other Questions sections.

Category Current System/US Single-Payer/Canada
Uninsured 45 million [source] 0
Total Cost (2002 projection) $1.6 trillion USD [source] $1.1 trillion USD [source]
Cost Per Person 2002 (aka Per Capita) $5,440 USD [source] $3,507 USD [source]
Administrative Costs (2003) $399 billion USD [source] $114 billion USD [source]
Cost Difference of 28 Top-Selling Drugs (2002) $1.00 USD [source] $.72 USD [source]
Infant Mortality, Deaths per 1000 Live Births, 2000 7 [source] 5 [source]
Life Expectancy (average male and female), 2002 77.3 [source] 79.8 [source]
Health Insurance Employees, per 10,000 enrollees Cigna: 31.2, Wellpoint:13.7 [source] Ontario Health Insurance Plan: 1.2 [source]
Employers' Medical Benefits Costs 8% of salaries and wages 0.6% of salaries and wages
Applicants per Medical School Place 2.4 [source] 5.5 [source]

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