Questions? Answers.

Why would anyone want to use this site?

Many of us are healthy. And we're lucky for that. But there's a growing number of people that take many, many medications, and have difficulty managing them all. What they are, what they're used for, how often to take them--even how to spell them. Sit down with your pill bottles for 5 minutes, enter in all your medications, and presto-change-o, you can download a PDF of it as well! (Small enough to cut out and carry in your wallet in case of emergencies or doctors' visits.)

Why would anyone build this website?

Because he sees too many people who don't know what medications they're taking, don't have a list of their medications, and don't even know what they're for. Also, sometimes he *has* a list, but it's hand-written so poorly he can barely even tell what the medication is. Or other times, the list will just say "Water pill," or "Pill for high blood pressure," or "Pill for heart."

Is my information safe and protected?

Yes, to the degree that anonymity protects it. This site contains no personal information about you. (And if it does, you've entered it, and it's a violation of the use of the site. Not allowed.) We keep track of your medications while you're at the site, and you can then email them to yourself, or download them as a PDF. If you'd like to save them so you can edit them later, that's fine, but in no way required. The site will work either way. If you do save them, your username and password can't contain any personal information. Did I say that already?

What's next?

A pill image database, a drug information guide, the ability to enter any allergies you have. And I take suggestions.